Tuesday, 10 August 2010

On the road...

..to laguna Coitorama you can find a recently crashed airplane to play with :-)
Tomorrow we will start work on our sweet Isla tesoro and then we will have a look at the lake close to Loma Salvatierra. I am very happy because all the "encargados de las estancias" that I know from previous years are still here. Today we did a public relations tour and obtained quite a positive outcome.
Tomorrow (I hope) I will give you the recipe for the tortilla mojeña,
bis morgen,


  1. Somewhere I've got a friend who thinks that all those vehicles you're using as locations for your nice portraits are among the greatest causes of Global Warming.
    A parte questo: Vai in palude e fatti valere, amigo.
    Sergio (the skeptical chemist).

  2. Ciao Sergio, ben venuto! Ieri ci siamo messi in palude...con l'auto. L'abbiamo tirata fuori alle 11:30 della notte :-)

  3. Sai cosa succede quando vuoi la bicicletta...