Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lake San Josè

We spent the last 3 days doing the complete profile of Lake San Josè. A huge lake of 6 by 3 km.
Our friend Chiqui, on the right, helped us a lot. He guided us and he got the boat and the motor.

As you see, we improved our coring table. Now it is a two pieces device: a larger base and a little box on the top. In the picture you see it up side down while we transport it to the very centre of the lake. The water level in the centre was about 1.2 meters.

Here me and Bernhard during the opeation of taking out the cores. It was quite an hard work, we got 3 profile inside the lake and 2 outside with really interesting results... but, unfortunately, I need to wait for 14C before I can say anything for sure. Just as first guess...I would not say this lake has a tectonic origin...


  1. not tectonic?? ohh, ... but then what? ;-) estoy muy curioso (que sorpresa) - tenemos que charlar pronto... me encanta "la mesa"!! se ve los años de experiencia :-))) suerte con todo y abrazos del "chino" henne

  2. Bueno querido Henne...como digo, parece que no es tectonico pero tambien que no es antropico y que no es eolico....en fin, al momento la teoria mas logica creo que es la del diluvio universal postglacial :-)

  3. jeje, me gusta como lo pones. en vez de diluvio postglacial me gustaria la version "diluvio littleglacial" :-) cualquier cosa es buena noticia. ya lo charlamos con calma!! vuelvo manana a beijing y trato de llamar pronto. extranio al beni, che. siempre me pongo muy emocional cuando ustedes estan por alla..., un abrazo y hasta pronto, suerte, H