Sunday, 6 September 2009

Asking directions

Sometimes you can get lost in the pampa, but in the Beni, there is always a cawboy hanging around to ask for directions:-)
I want to go inside a lake that is surrounded by 300 meters of such a mud that you cannot get there neither with Carretòn. They say that the last year even the tractor sunk when it was just few meters far from the edge of the lake....
Will our hero achieve to make a drill in the middle of the lake??? Stay tuned and you will see...


  1. We need a hero!
    after a "hard rain was falling" and after "Schuettel Dein Speck"!
    You know whta I mean, Arschloch?
    Amor, I love you!

  2. herodemivida! me love you too very mucho!
    estas yeguas mojeñas son cada día más pequeñitas..a su lado tu morenoazul parecía un camello (por eso lo de la silla para subir..verdud?? umbalurumba?? (-:

  3. por cierto campeón
    se te caen los pantalones..

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  5. Umberto, can you please send me your new phone number? just in case... you know what I mean?
    thanks leo