Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Follow me to Bolivia

Hi, the idea behind this blog is that you can follow me during the next field campaign in Bolivia. I will put photos, videos and I will try to update this blog as often as I can. The Blog will be in English because it is good for the CV:-)
I will leave for Bolivia next July 23rd, for the time being I will put some photos from past campaigns.


  1. And how will you travel without your inseparable Morenoazul?

  2. qué buena la foto! - Dani

  3. y ahora que es fiesta en san ignacio cuidadito con los achus y la leche de tigre! recuerdos a los Cachenas y al resto de veteranos hoyamitas.....La choca said

  4. wow!!
    and you say that this is work???
    Que vida! :P
    Regards from Scotland!